Sayurbox is an application which can help user to shop the ingredients online and delivered directly into the user’s address. This application is very helpful for people with tight schedule and do not have much time to go to market or supermarket for buying the ingredients.


During this pandemic, many people have new hobbies, one of them is cooking. For beginners, they usually learn to cook from family, friends and video tutorials on the internet. …


Some Point of Sales in Indonesia still adopt a conventional process of monitoring and controlling income which only can do it on web version. This problem is urgent because many business owners feel difficult in monitoring and controlling their business income if he was not in his office and couldn’t access desktop. At certain time, this problem will cause snowball effect economics in unaware micro expenditure.

The research was done using Food & Beverage business field. We found there are some limitation in using POS mobile apps that needs to monitor sales and cash flow. …


Nowadays, the trend of makeup is growing rapidly because makeup is not only used for important event but becomes a daily needs. This makes people are interested in exploring deeper into the world of make up even make it be a business. But there is a problem, not everyone able to and want to do self-makeup moreover for important event. Fortunately, there is now a Make Up Artist service or commonly abbreviated as MUA that provides makeup services.

But did this solve the problem? Not Exactly

It’s not completely end. The main problem is “How can people find MUA based…


Motorcycle is the most popular transportation in Indonesia. According to BPS in 2018, the number of motorcycle in Indonesia reach 137,7 million, it indicates the number of motorcycle is a half from Indonesia population. Motorcycle is usually used to support daily activities such as going to work, school and even be the source of income by becoming online “ojek”.

In driving there are many things can happen to the driver, one of them is tire leak. This can bother their activities. When the tire leak, there is no other choice than to find the tire repair shop near them. …

Aditio Alif Junio

UI/UX Designer

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